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Making All Learning Count

Impact at Scale

Supporting Lifelong Learning

Developing Digital Learner Wallets and Learning & Employment Records (LERs); supporting competency-based learning and skills-based hiring; evolving learning experiences at all levels of learning from K12 to retirement by reaching the most displaced learners, including correctional education & connecting education and workforce opportunities.

Creating Digital Equity

Streamlining and centralizing access to approved educational resources; overcoming interoperability barriers of SIS and LMS solutions; ensuring accessibility standards for all learners with anytime, anywhere access.

Driving Innovation

Operationalizing the vision of experts in education and workforce transformation; merging human intelligence and artificial intelligence; collaborating with top thought leaders & supporting short-term gains while also iterating for long-term innovations.

Case Studies

What Our Partners Are Saying...

… for a long time, we’ve been saying that we're going to connect education and the economy, and now we’re doing it. We first had to lay a foundation to meet the needs of a demand-, skill-, and competency-based learning and talent-development ecosystem. Now we can start identifying in-demand jobs and connecting people with the credential opportunities they need to get those jobs...
Check out what Nicholas Moore, Amber Garrison Duncan, Ph.D., and others are leading in Alabama. They are truly leading the way to a skills-based workforce system. Walmart is excited to support this work, and confident many others will follow their lead.
In particular, this grant will help us develop regional collaborations both within and across state lines. I also want to thank the Competency-Based Education Network for its thought leadership, collaboration, and willingness to support all stakeholders in the Talent Triad to accomplish our goals.
Alabama is going all in on competency-based education and skills-based hiring! The team presented today at the National Governors Association Skills in the State meeting in Seattle.
How do we [really] take skills & competencies learned over a lifetime and allow them all to live in one place so we can start to automate matching across datasets [transcripts, jobs, etc.]
Over the next year, Governor Ivey will launch a series of technology solutions to operationalize Alabama’s Talent Development Strategic Plan. This Alabama Talent Triad consists of the Alabama Credential Registry... the Alabama Skills-Based Job Description Generator... & the Alabama College and Career Exploration Tool learning and employment record.