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Meet the Alabama Talent Triad powered by EBSCOed

The Alabama Talent Triad

Governor Ivey tasked the Alabama Attainment Committee, a subcommittee of the Alabama Workforce Council, to develop a statewide goal for post secondary attainment to ensure that Alabamians have access to in-demand career pathways leading to valuable, portable post-secondary degrees, certificates and credentials.​

Based on the recommendations from this subcommittee, Governor Ivey set the statewide post-secondary attainment goal of adding 500,000 highly-skilled Alabamians to the workforce by 2025. Using labor market data to identify the state and regional credentials of value, Governor Ivey is working to align Alabama’s high schools, community college, and adult education programs to career pathways in high-demand fields using a skills-based hiring model.​

A Community Aligned for Achievement​

  • Alabama Governor’s Office of Education & Workforce Transformation ​
  • Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) ​
  • Alabama Committee on Credentialing and Career Pathways (ACCCP)​
  • Alabama Community College System (ACCS) ​
  • AlabamaWorks! & Alabama Possible​
  • Alabama Office of Apprenticeship (AOA)​
  • Alabama Ready to Work (RTW)​
  • Competency-based Education Network (C-BEN)​
  • American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) ​
  • National Governor’s Association (NGA)​
  • Jobs for the Future (JFF)​
  • Credential Engine (National Credential Registry)​
  • Milgears powered by COOL - Military Joint Service Transcripts (JSTs) converted to civil jobs’ skills & competencies​
  • 1EdTech (formerly IMS Global)​

Digital Learner Wallets

Digital Learner Wallet

The EBSCOed CV is a “headless” digital wallet solution that captures verified and codified competencies, skills and credentials that can be used within any system. It will be accessed in Alabama via:​

  • AlabamaWorks!​
  • Alabama Online Learning Repository powered by EBSCOed​
  • Alabama Community College System (ACCS) Banner Student Information System (SIS)​

Digital resume builder turns verified skills & credentials into a sharable resume that can be leveraged by our matching algorithms to inform:​

  • Recommended Learning​
  • Recommended Jobs​
  • Candidate Pool for Employers ​

ACCET Learning & Employment Records (LERs)​

  • CLR Standards Compliant​
  • Current Data Partners:​
    • ALSDE (CTE Stackable credentials & CRIs)​
    • ACCS (Credentials & ACE Programs)​
    • AOA Registered Apprenticeships​

EBSCOed Digital Learner Wallet Holders can also include self-attested skills & credentials, one at a time or in bulk from providers like Milgears (military-earned skills & competencies)

Skills-based Job Description Generator​

Create Skills-based Job Descriptions to Ensure Jobs Are:​

  • Utilizing the Alabama Occupational Ontology of skills & competencies​
  • Compatible with the Talent Triad ACCET Tools, specifically:​
  • Candidate Pools ​
  • Recommended Jobs​
  • Skills-based Jobs Portal​

Leverage the Talent Triad to:​

  • Share skills-based Job Descriptions & Templates​
  • Monitor & identify your candidate pipeline​

Credential Registry Services​

  • Automated integration with Federal & State credential registries​
  • Complies with Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL)​
  • Submit & maintain your credentials using our integrated systems to publish credentials with skills from our Occupational Ontology ​
  • Connect credential data including skills & competencies to the Talent Triad algorithms to populate recommended learning & jobs ​
  • Connect credentials to individual learner digital wallets & LERs ​
  • Discover, search & browse credentials & pathways within the Talent Triad experience ​
  • Full-service & self-service options​
  • SIS & LMS automated integrations​
  • Partnered with Credential Engine to streamline workflows.